Admission is accepted throughout the whole year. The following is the procedure of admission

Step 1: Application

The following paperwork is required to complete an application

  • Application form (to be completed by parents)
  • 2 hard copy passport photos
  • Photocopy of vaccination records
  • Copy of passport
  • For foreigners, proof of valid visa
  • Copy of transcript of 2 previous academic year
  • Attestation of previous school
  • Application fee
Step 2: Acceptance

Institut Aurora will only accommodate students on the following criteria
Criteria for acceptance

  • Academic criteria: Based on previous school records and reports, students must demonstrate their motivation to achieve academically. For admission in primary and middle school, every student should pass an entrance exam with not less than 60%. We will not accept a student if we judge that by doing this we will place him in a situation of great academic difficulty.
  • Behavior criteria: We will only accept students whose past records demonstrate a clear commitment to the principles of respect, responsibility and honesty.
  • Physical and learning disabilities: Institut Aurora can accept students with mild learning or physical disabilities therefore we cannot accept students whose physical and learning disabilities are judged by our psychology staff to be such that we cannot effectively educate the child.
  • From middle school, every student should pass an interview with the admission committee which consists of principal, IB MYP coordinator and the language teacher to ensure that the candidate has all the qualities needed to progress in a positive manner in our Institut.
Step 3: Enrolment

Each enrolment will be individually evaluated by our admission committee and the parents will be informed within 2 days of our decision. Links to

  • admission form
  • School fees
  • List of school supplies
  • Application fee