Our teachers use a wide variety of assessments to check the understanding of units of study and progress of our students. Different types of assessment are used daily:

  • Formative assessment is a range of formal and informal assessment procedures conducted by teachers during the learning activities to improve students’ attainment. It involves qualitative feedback for both students and teachers that focuses on the details of content.
  • Pre-assessment feedback by teachers can be written or oral, but must be well detailed and provide suggestion for improvement.
  • Summative assessment refers to the assessment of participants where the focus is on the outcome of a program. It summarizes the participants’ development at a particular time. The goal is to evaluate students’ learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against some standards or benchmark.

Grades 1 up to grade 5 have assessments throughout the year and percentage based school exams at the end of each term graded by our school’s teachers. They assess the program and knowledge of the students and are used only for internal evaluation.50% of the term result is based on the assessments, 50% on the term exams.

Starting from grade 6 students are assessed at the end of each term by internal percentage based exams and during the school year using performance based summative assessment in which the MYP objectives are assessed according to grade level IB criterions. The MYP report card will mention the internal school exams and the IB assessment. More information about the IB MYP assessment can be found in the MYP school policies.