Our teachers understand that students come to class with different learning styles and experiences. Teachers adapt their teaching methods to meet the needs of each student and accompany him/her to get the best out of every study.

In order to meet this objective all our staff members need to know their students, know the curriculum and strategies to teach the curriculum in the most effective ways and use the appropriate assessment methods.

Our teaching is inquiry based that promotes the concept of independent and critical thinking. Inquiry based learning is posing questions rather than simply presenting facts or pathway a smooth path of knowledge.

Specific learning processes that people engage in during inquiry learning includes:

  • Creating questions
  • Obtaining supporting evidence to answer questions
  • Explaining the evidence collected
  • Connecting the experiment to the knowledge obtained from the investigative process
  • Creating an argument and justification for the explanation

Homework is the extension of learning experiences initiated in and continued beyond the classroom. Concepts taught in the classroom are reinforced through homework. Homework may involve written or study work which students do in their own time. This may be a tool whereby parents can participate in the student’s learning experience.

The specific objectives of homework may vary at grade levels but generally include these purposes:

  • To extend the concept of learning beyond the classroom
  • To nurture the development of good study habits
  • To encourage the use of independent research skills
  • To promote student independence, responsibility, and self-discipline
  • To develop a feeling of accomplishment and a positive self-image
  • To reinforce and enrich learning
  • To provide preparation for subsequent lessons
  • To provide for immediate reinforcement of classroom lessons
  • To provide opportunities for drill and practice
  • To serve as a means of review of classroom work
  • To provide the teacher with an ongoing assessment of student progress